Cupcake Flavors & Menu

Daily Flavors​

BLACK VELVET:  This is our signature Black Velvet cupcake! It is filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla bean cream cheese icing


DARK CHOCOLATE CARAMEL SEA SALT : Black Velvet cupcake filled with caramel topped with fudge and sea salt


SALTED CARAMEL: A CakeWalk favorite!  Vanilla bean almond ​cupcake topped with a creamy caramel mousse, coarse sea salt and Abdallah caramel


SPRINKLES: Vanilla bean almond cupcake topped withour classic vanilla buttercream and sprinkles​


COOKIES AND CREAM: Chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream buttercream


Please enjoy looking over our selection of yummy creations.  Any cupcake flavor that you see listed can also be made into a custom cake.  Availability and variety changes daily, please contact us for the flavors of the day!​  We happily take custom orders for parties, weddings and special occasions, give us a call for more details.



Specialty Flavors

ROCKY ROAD: Chocolate cupcake with marshmallow cream filling, milk chocolate buttercream garnished with peanuts and mini marshmallows


MINT MADNESS: Chocolate cupcake with ganache filling and mint infused buttercream


PEANUT BUTTER CUP: Chocolate cake topped with peanut butter icing dipped in chocolate ganache & peanut butter cups


PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH:  Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie dough icing


HOP-SCOTCH: Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream dipped in butterscotch ganache


BUTTERFINGER BLAST: Vanilla bean almond cake filled with fudge topped with buttercream and dipped in butterscotch Ganache and butterfinger pieces.


CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE: Chocolate cupcake, raspberry filling, chocolate ganache icing, topped with a fresh raspberry

LEMON DROP:  Lemon cake filled with a lemon cream topped with lemon buttercream and sugar

BLACK FOREST: Black velvet cupcake with cherry filling, topped with fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings & a cherry!​

GERMAN CHOCOLATE: Chocolate cupcake with German chocolate icing

BUGSY: Carrot cupcake with nuts and raisins with a vanilla bean cream cheese buttercream

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL MOCHA: Chocolate cupcake filled with caramel topped with mocha buttercream drizzled in caramel

BOSTON CREAM: Vanilla bean almond cake filled with a vanilla custard filling and a dark chocolate ganache icing

BROWNIE-QUAKE: Chocolate cake topped with a chocolate buttercream dipped in fudge with brownie pieces, mini chocolate chips and caramel


BLUEBERRY PANCAKE: Vanilla bean almond cake with blueberry filling topped with maple syrup buttercream

MAPLE BACON: Vanilla bean almond cake topped with maple icing and bacon

M & M: Chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream, M&M's and chocolate drizzle


CANDY JAR: Chocolate cake filled with caramel topped with fudge and assorted candy pieces

CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY: Chocolate cupcake with cherry pie filling. Topped with a cherry buttercream and dipped chocolate



TURTLE CUPCAKE: Chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate buttercream, toasted pecans, creamy caramel and chocolate ganache

SNICKERLICIOUS: Chocolate cupcake filled with caramel filling and topped with chocolate buttercream and chopped snicker pieces

STRAWBERRY DREAM: Strawberry cake topped with a vanilla bean cream cheese

SWEET LOVE: Vanilla bean almond cake filled with raspberry, topped with vanilla bean cream cheese & a fresh raspberry

BLUEBERRY STREUSEL: Vanilla bean almond cake filled with blueberry, topped with cheesecake icing & cinnamon streusel

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE: Vanilla bean almond cake filled with a sweet strawberry jam, topped with a creamy whipped cheesecake icing and finished with a fresh strawberry on top!

CARAMEL CRAZE: Black Velvet cake filled with caramel, topped with vanilla bean cream cheese and chocolate shaving

OH MY GOSH GANACHE: Black Velvet cupcake filled with ganache, dipped in ganache with chocolate curls on top

CHOCOLATE STOUT: A chocolate Guinness cake, topped with a baileys Irish cream cheese icing

SWEET & TOASTY: Vanilla bean almond cupcake with a creamy caramel filling, topped with vanilla buttercream toasted coconut and caramel drizzle

SWEET & SASSY: Vanilla bean almond cupcake filled with raspberry filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream, drizzled with a chocolate fudge icing

SALTED NUT ROLL: Vanilla bean almond cupcake filled with caramel, topped with vanilla buttercream, crushed peanuts and drizzled with caramel and sea salt

LEMON RASPBERRY: Vanilla bean almond cupcake, lemon filling, raspberry buttercream and topped with white chocolate shavings and a fresh raspberry

​RASPBERRY MASCARPONE: Vanilla bean cake filled with raspberry, topped with mascarpone icing & fresh raspberry

SASSY CASS: Chocolate cake filled with raspberry, topped with cheesecake icing and oreo cookie crumbs with a fresh raspberry




Availability of each may vary. Minimum of 1/2 dozen per flavor required for special order.  Call and ask about our seasonal flavors!


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